Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When I think of my Grandad

This is my Grandad when he was much younger, as I mentioned earlier he travelled throughout the Middle East, working on big projects like the Aswan Dam in Egypt, he was a project manager for a big earthworks company in England. As a child my Mum remembers getting photos of her Dad standing at a foreign land mark holding a big board with Happy Birthday Hazel written on it for her birthday. She loved it when he came home because he would stay for several weeks before having to return. It is funny what you remember as a child, because of all the things we did together, the places we went etc, it is his pipe smoking that immediately springs to mind when I think of him. Another thing I remember is my Grandad showing me a picture of himself on a camel in front of the Sphinx, what I wouldn't give to scrap that photo, unfortunately no one knows where it is now.