Saturday, October 16, 2010

Designer pad

Here are the dogs, looking happy on a walk with Holly and pausing to catch their breath. The band around Caramel's nose is to stop her pulling when she is being walked, for a small dog she certainly has the strength to drag you along without it.
Here is the flash new kennel Kevin has built them, Holly has even stuck up photos inside to make them feel at home. Don't you love the wood shingles on the roof?
Here is Caramel given Kevin's handywork the once over to see if it meets her exacting standards, she obviously approves because she has been spending a lot of time in it.


Judy May said...

Wow, what a palace Kerry. They should be very happy with their new home.

Christine Blain said...

Oh, this is fantastic!! Our silly little dog wouldn't go near the kennel we had; I love that Diesel and Caramel are happy with their own special home. It is beautifully made - Kevin should advertise these, and make them to order! (For people whose dogs will go inside a kennel.)