Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's my birthday

This is a slightly belated blog entry as my birthday was actually 9th March, but never mind. These are the cards my dear crafty friends sent me. Kevin even got in on the act, now before you sit there opened mouthed in amazement at his talent, he didn't actually make it with his own fair hands. He did however ask my friend Christine for one to suit me as he said he knew I would prefer hand made to a mass produced one from a shop. Bless him.
All my cards from England have been very late to arrive, what ever is happening with the post over there. My Mum's took two and a half weeks to get to me and one my sister in law posted a month ago has yet to grace my mailbox!
For my presents, I bought some Stampin Up goodies I had been coveting for a while and have also made an embarrassingly large Paper Trey ink order which I will share with you when it arrives.

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Christine Blain said...

Gee, that Christine is talented, isn't she? Your other lovely friends have made absolutely beautiful cards. Love you; so glad you're in my life!