Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So proud

We are very proud of our oldest daughter Lauren who graduated today with a Bachelor of Science degree. It has been three long years of study but today made that all worthwhile. Well done Lauren! She now wants to go on and do her masters in physiotherapy.
To clear up any confusion (as per my discussion on Sunday when some dear friends and I had our Christmas lunch) Bachelor degrees - no hat, Masters - mortar board, Doctorate - a bonnet with red trim.


Christine Blain said...

Wonderful! Love how proud (and almost surprised) you look. Glad to know the mortar board issue got sorted :) Well done, Lauren!!

Nikki Spencer said...

Well done Lauren, what a fabulous achievement, you must be so proud of her Kerry and what a fun pic to remember it by.

Judy May said...

Congrats to Lauren on this super achievement. Hopefully she will get to wear the mortar board in the future!