Thursday, January 5, 2012

Following on from my previous post

Here are my dear friend's Christine, Leanne and Judy (apologies to Judy, the only photo I have of everyone and the pressies in one where her eyes are shut). As you can see the table was full of  pretty packages just demanding to be opened.
Here are a couple of the shopping list holders I made, I purchase the actual pads and then made strong decorated backings for them that can either be hung on a hook or a metallic surface with the magnets that I have attached to the reverse.
This last item is a sack I made for Father Christmas. Every year he arrives at the Community Christmas Celebration we have at the local Hall where I work. The CFA kindly bring him on the back of their truck to see the assembled children. I thought it was about time old FC has a pressie of his own and this year the usual pillow case was replaced with a much more fitting sack.

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Christine Blain said...

Love the Santa sack (you are so thoughtful), but even more I just love the gifts you put so much time and effort into. Thank you, dear friend. Our get-togethers always fly by far too quickly. See you soon for a lunch date!!