Monday, November 19, 2012

A few Christmas cards I have made recently

I haven't had that much time for creating recently but I have made a few cards, scrapbooking always goes on the back burner at this time of the year because the time I have is devoted to getting my Christmas card stash into the high double figures. The first picture are some I made at a crafting day at my good friend Christine's some time back. The other photo is of the cards I have been making over the last month. I try to make them in sixes (of each design) but don't always achieve this as I get a little bored and want to try something new. Don't expect to see anymore using the border die on the card top left of the second photo. I unwisely decided to rearrange my filing system for these larger dies and attached it to the side of a small cd storage unit for easy access using magnets. When I returned to add another to the collection, my die complete with magnet had fallen off, now the only thing under it apart from a bench top was my stash of recently bought scrapbooking paper. I say recent but I mean in the last year all in separate files, there are countless files unfortunately!!! I had to go through each one individually searching for the errant die. Did I find it? Did I heck! I searched and re searched but all to no avail, no doubt it will turn up in a couple of years time when I least expect it, hopefully with my wire snips which have also run off to places unknown. This is a real pain as I use them for trimming off those annoying little snibs that get left on metal dies when you separate them.

Now for another annoying thing that is happening on my blog and other peoples recently! Odd words are highlighted without my permission and they reveal adverts when you touch the offending word. Does anyone know how to remove them from my blog? Or how do I prevent them in the future?


Christine Blain said...

These cards are absolutely gorgeous, Kerry. Love what you come up with. Such a shame about your die!! Oh, the first-world problems that we hoarding crafters have to face! Haven't seen any highlighted words on your blog, or had the issue myself, so can offer no words of wisdom on that front - sorry! xx

Judy May said...

Wow, love your cards Kerry, particularly the one with the lovely (missing) border die. I hope you have found it by now. I regularly 'lose' items on my craft table - you know they are there, but somehow they manage to slide there way to some hidden place! I wish I wish I was diligent enough to make 6 of each.