Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A couple of photos to share

These winter mornings have been bringing with them some fantastic misty views from our property, looking down the valley towards Healesville. It looks kind of mysterious and magical. or is that just the little girl in me?

I took this photo in the Autumn, the leaves on the trees in the bush were brown and burnt from the fires but when the setting sun hit them, they turned this glorious red colour. It only lasted a matter of minutes and it took a couple of attempts to be outside just at the right time to capture it. It is hard to see from this photo but if you look up to the left hand side and follow the fence line up to the trees, just before the bush starts, is a rickety old seat, it was rotten when we moved here 2 and a bit years ago but we have never bothered to do anything with it, but incredibly it survived the blaze, not so the big dead tree that you can see on the very far left hand side. It had been dead for ages and then the fires came and it was burnt but it still refused to give up, Kevin got up one morning after a particularly windy night and looked outside and remarked how he couldn't believe that old tree was still standing. Famous last words, before he had even stepped two metres away from the window there was an almighty crash and down it came.

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Christine Blain said...

STUNNING views, and that red is amazing, isn't it? Can always rely on you and your family stories to make me laugh. Christine x