Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You can't keep a good girl down

This is Lauren, after surgery, she is supposed to be resting but I can't keep her out of the kitchen, she loves to cook as my stamping buddies will tell you, her fudge and shortbread are very scrummy. She is not allowed to put any weight on the feet, therefore she is confined to a wheelchair until such time as the surgeon feels they are ready.
Poor old Lauren has been unable to walk very well for months and this last month she has more or less been confined to the house. Back in August after some training (she is a triathlete) she said her ankles were hurting and it has got steadily worse since then. When she was operated on, the surgeon found that the sheaths to both achilles tendons were actually stuck to the tendon itself, allowing little or no movement. He has delicately separated them and made incisions in the sheath to relieve the tightness and as the scar tissue grows across these incisions the sheath should increase in size.


Claire said...

Well I can definitely agree about the scrumminess of Lauren's cooking, but stay off those feet girl! It must be incredibly frustrating and I hope this provides much improvement. Thinking of you Lauren!

Christine Blain said...

Poor Lauren - hope you're getting a little better every day, lovey. If you get really busy with the baking, and your family can't possibly eat it all, you know who will gratefully receive some!!