Sunday, January 24, 2010

So young

Now you can tell how old this photo is because Kevin has hair, well a bit anyway, he never was over endowed with the stuff! We just look so young, compared to how old we are now, Kevin has only got a few days to go until his 50th birthday. We look happy but we didn't enjoy the holiday that much and couldn't wait to come home. The weather was raining most of the first week and then when the sun came out it was so hot we got really burnt (no sunscreen in those days, rather you slathered oil on to get a tan) and ended up staying in our room for a few more days, we were so sore. There wasn't a huge amount to do/see there, we had done most of it during the rainy days and we like to be occupied, the beach is okay for a few days and then we are bored. But don't let me put you off, plenty of other people think it is great. I am sure with such a passage of time that more touristy venues have been opened too.

Everything on the layout is Kaiser except the large scalloped circle which is Crate paper.

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Christine Blain said...

Ah, such happy memories of such a mediocre holiday spot! What a sweet photo, 'blondie'! Love the camera case on the table :)