Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School Days

Here are a few school layouts of Lauren, the papers in both are from Basic Grey's Origins line, which I absolutely love. I was round at Claire's for a stamp night and she showed us this fab paper and the layouts she had done with it and that was it, the day after next I was at the shop buying it all up, unfortunately the shop had sold out of lots of the smaller embellishments, not that that deterred me, I tracked down what I wanted elsewhere. It all just matched perfectly with the not particularly flattering school uniform colours. I have done two other school layouts for years 4 and 6 which I will put up later. Lauren is at Uni now so these are a bit of a blast from the past. Don't be fooled by the innocent looking unsure face in the year 1 layout, Lauren was brim full of confidence and so competitive, always had to be first to finish her work (even if it meant it was rushed) always first to get in line ( the teacher knew this and would often lead the line out from the rear, much toLauren's annoyance) or the first to volunteer when the teacher asked. It was a good school though where they nurtured her talents and directed her competitiveness into her work. She was full of life and for the most part loud. I had to laugh when her Head teacher was chatting to me one day he said"I never need to ask where Lauren is, I can always hear her"Only as she progressed through High School did she quieten down.

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Christine Blain said...

Such cute photos, and lovely layouts, Kerry! Have you used up all your Origins products now??! I just love the stories you tell in your posts - they never fail to make me smile.