Monday, February 15, 2010

Well here he is, thankfully without the neck brace. It turns out that the company the hospital outsources the xray reporting to, had lost Kevin's scans and xrays and that is why we waited so long. We have a the radiographer at the hospital to thank for finally getting to the truth. She refused to be fobbed off by the company and pestered them for ages until they admitted they had lost them and made them search through until they found them and then do the report immediately. The good news - the spine, pelvis and ankle are fine, but he has 3 broken ribs (each broken in two places - he obviously doesn't believe in doing things by halves), a broken shoulder and a punctured lung, plus some nasty abrasions.

He is likely to remain in hospital for a while yet as he can hardly move without extreme pain, just as well the bed raises electrically but even that he has to do in small increments because it hurts too much. I know he must be feeling bad because he still has the cream egg I brought him yesterday untouched. If you know Kevin, you would appreciate just how bad he must be feeling to be off his chocolate!!

He was complaining of being unable to shave, I would have offered but I fear I would have just added to his list of injuries.

The bike came out of the accident relatively unscathed, apart from mangled handle bars. When we came back from the hospital today, one of Lauren's lovely friends had left us a big dish of pasta bake that she had made for our dinner. What a sweetie!

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Christine Blain said...

Oh, Kerry - as if you didn't have enough on your plate with one patient!! Well, Kevin certainly did a good job on himself. Thinking of you, my friend, as you get through this latest challenge xxx (See why I maintain that exercise is dangerous??!!)