Friday, December 31, 2010

He has his tools, I have mine!

This is from our "Christmas in July" weekend in Tootgarook this year. A friend of mine has a holiday home there and a bunch of us go for a crafting weekend. Much food (for this read chocolate and other sweet goodies) is taken and consumed along with a little alcohol. Takeaways or eating out are the order of the day as we don't want to waste precious time cooking and cleaning up. Every surface is covered with all manner of crafter equipment and completed projects (growing as the weekend progresses). This year I managed to get quite a few Christmas cards made.
The poor old car groans when I pack up to go, taking everything apart from the kitchen sink, I have a large estate car (wagon for the non British readers) and every available bit of space is used, just as well I don't have to bring anyone else with me!


Judy May said...

This is great Kerry, love the layout and caption!

Christine Blain said...

It was indeed a great weekend; lovely memories. Love the little scissors!