Saturday, January 1, 2011

Team Viper Triathlon Club

This was one of Lauren's last events before we left England in 2006. Unfortunately she wasn't placed but enjoyed the competition all the same, although she was 30 seconds late for her allotted start time which impacted on her placement. Lauren's wet suit wasn't a great fit and when a friend who couldn't compete offered her one at the last minute ( she being a very similar size to Lauren) Lauren decided to change. Her coach later wrote about it in the team newsletter, giving us all a laugh
"Lauren managed to turn up 30 seconds late for her start after not being sure which wet suit to wear (always a problem)!

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Christine Blain said...

Although I can't relate to the whole pushing-your-body-to-the-limit thing, I do love the design of your layout!! Love the clean lines, and colours.