Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cycling World Championships

Hi, this layout is from September/October 2010, Kevin and Lauren went down to Geelong for the Cycling World Championship Road Race. Lauren was keen to see all her sporting heroes up close. She was lucky enough to meet and have a photo with Nicole Cook from the UK (the lower of the two main circles photos) who is Womens Olympic Road race champion, British Womens Road Race champion and also has won the Womens World Road Racing championship and the Womens Tour de France and is ranked number one in the world. The other one was Rochelle Gilmore from Australia, she didn't race at Geelong because she was off to the Commonwealth games to compete where she won the Womens Road Race.
I have left the journalling tag empty for Lauren to fill with her memories of the day.

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Judy May said...

What a great layout Kerry. Love the way you have highlighted the key people in the photos. How lucky is Lauren to have someone to scrap for her!