Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hurray for Harriet

 We have obviously very well trained our alpacas to give birth when we are around. Our third offspring arrived this Saturday just after lunch. We have called her Harriet, Holly wanted Buttercup ( more bovine, I feel) or Barnacles (come on!!), so Harriet it is.
 Here she is, still quite wobbly after a long sit down - approx 20 hours old
 Here she is with her very protective Mum, Joanne.
 Just to update you on the other two, here is Liam at two weeks, such a little cutie.
Here is Tina. The two of them are firm friends and spend most of their time together, bounding about and jumping on one another. No doubt Harriet will soon be joining in the fun and games.


Stephanie said...

Such adorable photos, thanks for sharing - it appears you have quite an idyllic life, you lucky thing! I'd gladly give up Bluewater to live in Australia! :) xxx

Judy May said...

What gorgeous photos, Kerry. Harriet is very cute and Tina is a real honey - love the colour of her coat. Liam looks full of mischief!