Sunday, February 26, 2012

Introducing Liam and Tina

We were very surprised yesterday by the early arrival of Tina, according to the records we received when we purchased her Mum Evita, she wasn't due to arrive until April. However, yesterday morning she put in an appearance, we had checked the alpacas out in the morning and everything was fine, then our neighbour came up around 10.30 and noticed the baby in the large paddock. We ushered her and her Mum in the small paddock nearest the house where we could keep an eye on them. We contacted the Vet for some advice and he said if Tina hadn't started to feed with in a couple of hours we would have to help her. Later on we had to assist Tina with her feeding, whilst doing this, I looked up and noticed yet another baby in the large paddock, and Liam had arrived, just. We then got him and his Mum Connie into the small paddock and kept watch all day. They are so cute. We have one more due in April ( if that date is right) and another in October. 

Here is Holly holding Tina

Here is Liam not long after he had been born


Christine Blain said...

Oh my goodness - what a shock! They are just adorable, aren't they? I love the photo of Holly holding Tina. So cute!

Judy May said...

What gorgeous babies, Kerry and a cute photo of Holly with Tina. She looks smaller than in the first photo. Lots of scrapping material there!