Sunday, April 11, 2010

Four of six - Easter Egg Hunt

The search is on, with Holly locating the "loot" on the back of the car
This blur was me capturing the bun fight that ensued when the girls realised there was still an egg somewhere in the doona (duvet) cover.

It's not just birds who leave eggs in trees, so does the Easter bunny.

The girls with their cache of eggs, Holly looks like the cat who got the cream! For Lauren most of the fun was in the hunt, she only kept a few eggs for herself and gave the rest to Holly. Kevin mucked up one of the clues by coming across the eggs I had hidden in his shed and eating them before the girls could find them!!


Christine Blain said...

Delightful photos, my friend. Good old Kevin - boy, would he have been in trouble. Poor Holly hardly got any eggs because of him.

Claire said...

Loved catching up on all your posts Kerry! The easter egg hunt looks like lots of fun. I especially love all your scrapbook pages. How fabulous to get those special family memories down. May have inspired me to scrapbook this weekend.

Christine Blain said...

Okay, so I'm still waiting for the rest of the promised posts!! In the meantime, if you'd like to visit my blog, I have an award for you :).