Friday, April 9, 2010

One of six - Just for you Christine

Here are the last of my Basic Grey Origins layouts. I still have paper left though, so you never know!
When out with friends last night I foolishly mentioned that having not blogged for so long I would upload six in quick succession, hence the title. I had a great time, stamping (not much) chatting ( a lot) and eating (more than I should have)...yes you have guessed it - chocolate goodies. We had a new addition to our regular little band, Christine's son Ethan, who is a delight. He quietly got on with his own cardmaking and the inking of his own arms - very attractive, and then gave us a little show and tell of all the cards he had made over the last few days, what a prolific little creative talent he is. That boy and his charm will go far.

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Christine Blain said...

Gee, lucky I popped in - would've been in terrible trouble if someone else had commented before me!! Lovely, prolific, scrapbooking, my friend! My favourite is the school photo layout of Lauren (she didn't change much, did she?!) - what a great title.