Saturday, April 23, 2011

The furry foursome

It was a usual Saturday, no expectation of anything world shattering about to occur, other than the fact that I was off for the day to do part 2 of my first aid course, and let's be honest that isn't really "up there" in terms of global events . However I was looking forward to it. When I returned home 6 hours later the house was quiet except for my canine reception committee who were very eager to see me. After settling down to a cup of tea and getting lost in the story of my recently purchased Dean Koontz book, my reverie was interrupted by an ebullient daughter bounding in to inform me that her father had just bought four alpacas. Just for an instant, I believed her and then I laughed and said "as if your Dad would do that without discussing it with me" (we always discuss things, so I was pretty confident). However she plowed on with the story of how they picked out the ones she wanted and how we had two females who were pregnant and two more 5 weeks old females. This story was starting to have legs (four of them as it happened) too much detail to be made up, then his lordship finally put in an appearance and confirmed that he had in fact made said purchase.Talk about gobsmacked! When I arose from my metaphorical heap on the floor, I fumed, not at the actual purchase ( they are pretty cute after all) but at the lack of discussion and investigation prior to such a big commitment - monetarily. That said I have come to quite like their little faces peering at me from the paddock, they are so nosey.

The two pregnant females were already named but their 5 week old offspring (wow, they don't get much time to recover do they?) were monikerless. Holly decided in her wisdom to call them Scrambled and Eggs, it is now on their birth certificates so no changing it.
Here is Scrambled
and her Mum Amber.
Here are Mum Evita and Eggs
The little furry foursome altogether.

I dedicate this long post to my friend Christine, because she has complained that my posts are too short. Don't get used to it my friend, it is not a guaranteed trend.


Christine Blain said...

Oh, you had me grinning from ear to ear (and even emitting a chuckle here and there) as I read this post!! I laughed when I reached the dedication - I was just so thrilled that you'd written such a wordy post! You always make me laugh when you talk, so this post was GOLD!!! Great story.

Christine Blain said...

PS: Don't try to get out of it - more wordy posts needed!!!

Christine Henderson said...

Love, love, loved reading about the newest members of your family, Kerry. They are gorgeous...who could not love those cute faces. You don't think His Lordship is having a midlife crisis do you?!!!Although ususally they buy a red sportscar!