Sunday, May 29, 2011

More furry faces

How could you resist this little face? This was the dilemma I faced when we went to visit the Alpaca farm during Alpaca month. Having given his lordship grief when he bought the first batch, here I was wanting more. Well I caved and had to have little "Ronnie" as I have nicknamed him. His real name is Geronimo. He was too young to come on his own so his mother Anaconda (Connie to her friends) came in tow.My only saving grace was I got a better deal than HL, my four (yes, there are more) came to considerably less than his. Ronnie also has a better quality coat than the others we have, so his fleece should elicit a bit more cash on sale.

Here are Ronnie and Connie
This was Holly's choice, real name Guilia but renamed as Gracie.
Joanne (Mum) and Gracie.
Joanne seems to be vying with Evita for the post of herd leader. HL now has trouble telling them apart as we have three adult white females, to be truthful he isn't much better with the babies even though they are vastly different. Holly and I of course know them all.


Christine Blain said...

Well, well, well - this is a turn-up for the books! You certainly have plenty of room for more of these gorgeous furry (or are they woolly?!) creatures. I hope they all bring you much pleasure, and don't escape too often.

Leanne said...

They are beautiful, Kerry. So it seems that you have warmed to the idea of having Alpacas!