Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You're amazed aren't you?

A new post finally!!!! Don't have much of an excuse other than work has been busy and I have been occupied with other things. I have however been scouring the internet for a bargain price Silhoutte SD

and now I have found one on Overstock.com. Great price approx $180 AUS with $56 postage which came by DHL so it was very quick and much cheaper than other sites who were just using the postal service. It came with a $10 download card so I have been busy downloading shapes to cut at 99c a go you can't complain about the price when you do have to pay.


Christine Blain said...

I couldn't quite believe my eyes when your post popped up in my Google reader!!! Don't leave us hanging; share some of the shapes you've been cutting!!

Leanne said...

That machine sounds too high tech for me. I'm with Christine, let's see some shapes

Judy May said...

Wow, what a beast! Looking forward to seeing some projects.