Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Love these papers so much I used every scrap (pardon the pun) more or less. I apologise for the wonky looking layouts, they are in fact straight in real life but when I photograph them for the web, something strange happens.

This was Lauren's first pony Chester, he was a nightmare from the first day we bought him, misbehaving, running off, refusing to go in a horsebox or trailer (truck or float if you are Aussie). We persevered, brought in a Horse Whisperer, practiced with him everyday and eventually he started to toe the line. Unfortunately he never did get over his aversion to the colour yellow/orange and we knew if we arrived a a show and any of the jumps were that colour we might as well turn around and go home, He steadfastly refused to go near them, any other colour and he would fly over them, no problem. Chester remained a cheeky chappy though, and whilst cleaning out his stable, would steal your hat, or in my case lift my leg in the air by biting the tassell on my boots, as well as trying to eat mints through your clothes if he could smell them in your pocket. He lived with us for three and a bit years, through him, Lauren learnt so much until sadly she outgrew him. We sold him onto a lovely lady not far from us and we continued to visit him regularly.
The first layout shows Lauren at Bournemouth, a seaside town in England, being spun until she felt sick in this contraption. Rather her than me!!

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Christine said...

Gorgeous layouts, my friend. Chester would be especially pleased that you chose the colour orange on his layout, I'm sure (I had a little laugh over that one). Christine :)