Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Face

Having done a few layouts of Kevin as a child, I decided to do one of me with my Grandad. As the final grandchild I was spoiled rotten by my Maternal Grandparents. I spent a lot of time with them as a child because my Mum worked but I loved going to their house. My Nanna was a great cook, as well as seamstress for my dolls cloths and a fantastic story teller. My Grandad had travelled extensively in the Far East and had lots of little treasures dotted round the house that I loved to play with.


Claire said...

This is beautiful Kerry. What precious photos you are scrapping. You know the comments you are writing here about your memories should really be on your page as well, they would be great for the girls to read later in life! Love your scrapbooking.

Christine Blain said...

I, too, LOVE this layout, and the photo you have scrapped, my friend. Can I just say, your eyes and mouth haven't changed?!! Gorgeous, gorgeous photo. There's nothing like a child's relationship with a grandparent; I'm so glad you have special, happy memories.