Sunday, May 9, 2010

Backpacking visitor

One of Lauren's old junior school friends has been travelling and has reached these shores, having travelled down the coast from Cairns, reached Melbourne on Monday. She saw Lauren at Uni on Tuesday and had dinner with her on Wednesday reminiscing about old times and catching up on what friends were doing now. Then on Friday Emily and her fellow backpacker Emma came to see me. I picked them up from the station and then went for coffee and a long chat and then at their request we toured some wineries. In one, the girl who served us had been to New Zealand (their next stop) and was telling them all the best places to go. The girls flew out to NZ yesterday and then last stop on their tour is Chile.
After the wineries we came home had dinner, chatting all the while and then it was off to the station for their trip back and an early night in readiness for the dawn flight. I was a little apprehensive, having not seen Emily for about four years and not really having time for any meaningful conversation since the girls parted after junior school and went to different secondary schools eight years ago, that we would struggle to find things to say, but no, it was like old times and there was barely a silent moment all day. Emily showed me pictures of girls I last saw when they were ten/eleven, needless to say I barely recognised them, Lauren however hasn't changed very much at all.
Sadly I didn't have the girls altogether to take a photo, so this one is just Emily and Holly.

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