Sunday, May 9, 2010

Exercise is bad for your health!!!!!!!!!

I hope all you Mum's out there are enjoying your day, I had a less than happy Mother's day Eve when I was phoned at approx 9.30am to say Lauren had been taken to hospital by ambulance having come off her bike, hang on, I hear you say, am I having a "deja vu" moment, I am sure I have read something on this blog about a bike accident before, the answer is yes you have, it was my husband that time. Beware People, bike riding is not conducive to good health, despite what the "experts" may tell you.
Apparently Lauren had been riding down the 1 in 20 on the Dandenongs and had to break suddenly (amnesia is keeping Lauren from remembering why) and the next thing she remembers is waking up on the tarmac and wondering where she, the ambulance was called by her training companions. Thankfully her skin wounds are superficial but she took a nasty bang to her head and the base of her spine - I think she must have somersaulted off the front of the bike, hit her head first and flipped onto her back. After initially arriving at the hospital seeming fairly compos mentis, she then became agitated and confused so they rushed her off for a head CT, thankfully that came back clear. Her main worry was, how is my bike (shades of her Father) and I should be revising for a big test at Uni on Tuesday.The Doctor kept her in hospital all day for observation, during which she slept most of the time, but she was let out last night. Today, she is nursing a very sore head and her neck is very stiff. The Doctor was lovely and he has written a letter to the Uni saying she won't be able to take the test as she will have trouble concentrating and the headaches are likely to persist for some time.


Christine Blain said...

Oh, good grief! How much more do you have to put up with? Your post title says it all, and is exactly what I was thinking when I learnt Lauren had come off her bike. WHEN WILL THEY LEARN??!! Take a leaf out of the inactive, but reasonably healthy, people's book, dear husband and daughter! Give it up!

Claire said...

Oh my goodness - just what you needed again (NOT). So glad she is OK, although she looks very sore and sorry for herself. Big hugs Lauren - the muffins will help!